Why put the microscope on non-profit Program Management?

Does your program work?

Do behavioral health indicators budge? Do people learn from your classes? Does it actually result in life change?

Wait…do we even have performance indicators? What are those?

Sound familiar?

If you can related to this line of questioning, you’re not alone. There are many long-standing reasons why our programs can grow stale–why we fail to do the hard work of monitoring and evaluation. We might not have the staff, the budget, or even know where to begin.

You’re probably aware of the need to reevaluate your programs and how you measure your impact, but you might actually be prevented from doing so because you don’t have the tools you need. This is where I believe Salesforce comes in.

I’m here to tell you budget and staffing is no longer a good excuse.

Anyone can learn how to leverage Salesforce for program management and I intend to prove it to you!

I’m not employed by Salesforce, nor do I receive any material benefit from Salesforce.

I work at a rescue mission.

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